Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cemetery Blog/ Message Board

I have received a number of request from this web site related to people looking for information about ancestors. I have always thought that it would be nice if people who came by looking for the same ancestors could somehow connect. To this end, I am providing what I hope will be a place for people to find each other and share information and links.
If you like, you may leave a comment to this message with your name and email (or any web site links) and the ancestors in the North Weymouth Cemetery you would like to either learn more about or share information about. It would probably be helpful to title your reply with the surname or names you are interested in. I will check back from time to time and try to add more blog entries that deal with specific names, hopefully making it easier to find information.
If this blog does not work out for some reason, it will be removed, but I hope it can work as a message board for genealogists.


Anonymous said...


My mother's family name is French. Her family lives for 5 generations in Weymouth beginning in 1632 with the arrival of Stephen French my 13th grandfather. My related grandfathers are Capt. Stephen French II,Stephen French III, Dr. Daniel French, and Zethum French. All were born and, I believe, died (except Zethum) in Weymouth. Zethum French, after the Revolutionary War, became one of the founding fathers of what is now Sandy Point, Maine. Zethum is buried in Maine with many other family members but I have no idea where his father, grandfather, great grandfather and great, great grandfather are buried. My grandfathers on the wives side include John Whitman, John Beal and William Lane.

I would love to know where any, or all, of these individuals are buried. Thank you, E. Lowell

E. Lowell said...

I forgot to leave me email address earlier this morning when leaving a message requesting information on the French and related families burial sites. My email address is

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

There are a large number of Frenchs in the cemetery. The only one I can find that fits your information is Stephen French who died in 1834 and is buried in Old "A2". I should have posted this picture (if it exists) but because I am over my quota on Flicker and need to pay for more space, it is not visable at the moment. I will try to rectify that soon. I did not find the other French names, but will email you with more info on what I find. said...

I really appreciate the pictures that I was able to view. Is there any possibility of seeing any others from the French family.

It seems there must be several Stephen French family members. THe two that are my grandfathers are Capt. Stephen French (1640 -1717 or 18). His wife was Hannah Whitman.The other is Stephen French (1664 - 1741 or 2) and his wilfe was Agigail Beal. I hope this helps. Thank you so very much,
Elaine and Laurence Lowell

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

It sounds like you are looking for the same Stephen Frenchs as the person above, but we do not have any record of Stephen French that goes back to the 1700's, nor their wives. Perhaps they are here but he information is lost, as are the gravestones, or they are buried elsewhere.

Penny Tucker said...

I am looking for Robert Tucker, supposed to be one of my original ancestors in North America. He is also supposed to be one of the founding fathers of Weymouth in 1640,naming the town after Weymouth, England. I think there were three Robert Tuckers from Weymouth at about the same time and I am not sure which one is mine. The next ancestor I know of in the Tucker genealogy is Joseph Tucker born in Tennessee(I"m pretty sure) in 1797, my great-great grandfather. In between these two Tuckers I don't know the genealogy. Does anyone know about the Tuckers.

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

We do not have a Robert Tucker in the NW cemetery. We do not have any Tuckers listed, and it's not a familiar name to me. Perhaps you could try the Weymouth Historical Soc. and see if they have any information.

Anonymous said...

Looking for Caulfield's
My great grandmother had a sister, Delia Caulfield.
Delia married William Caulfield and lived on Front St., and Broad St. in Weymouth (approx 1900-1920's)
Their children; William, Frances, Frederick, Lawrence and Helen.

I would love to hear from anyone relating to this family or anyone with further info on this family in Weymouth!
Barbara Cushing-Walker

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

Sorry, we do not have any Caulfields in the cemetery. You might consider if they were Catholic, they would have been buried in St. Francis Cemetery on Middle St. Up until about the 1950's the NW Cemetery was mainly Protestant.

Pam Torrey said...

I believe I have three generations of ancestors buried here. William Torrey (d. 10 Jun 1690), Deacon Micajah Torrey (d. 20 Jan 1710) and Deacon Micajah Torrey Jr. (d. 29 Sept 1722). References I have found speak of the Burying Hill at Weymouth. Would that be this cemetery and do you have any record of this family in your cemetery? I plan to be in your area in 2 weeks and would like to stop by if you have these graves. If not, do you know where the "Burying Hill" might be located?

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

We only have a listing for a Dea. Micajah Torrey, buried in 'old C' in 1710. I believe this is the stone.
If you do search through the Flickr photos for Torrey's you may find a few more connections. There are some that are 'sons of William' but I don't see a William. It could be that his stone has since been destroyed or disintegrated and that he is buried here, but that there is no longer a record of him.
The stone for Micajah is on the East side, 'old North' by the Civil War Memorial.

B. Howard said...

I was excited to see all the French family headstones in your Flickr account. My 6th great grandmother is Sarah French. She was the daughter of Lieut. William and Mary French. Sarah lived her whole life (1671-1727) in Billerica. I don't know if she is related to any of the French's in your cemetery but I wanted to thank you for putting the pictures up.

I have to see if any of your Blanchard's are mine too...I see more fun research in my future!

Thanks so much for your hard work, the cemetery looks beautiful in all the pictures on your Facebook page!

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

Thank you B. Howard. We have a number of Blanchards, but not all may be on the Flicker site as I Have not photographed the granite stones. You could also try Find a Grave, which has a number of stones from the cemetery that other people have posted.

B. Howard said...

Thanks for the suggestion...I'm a regular visitor of find a grave, for all the surnames in my family tree :)

I believe one of my grandmother's brothers is buried in the cemetery, his name is Joseph Haddow b. 14 Apr 1908 d. 14 Aug 1908. His death record lists the date of burial as 15 Aug 1908. Any help you can give me in finding his stone (if it exists) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much, Becky

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

I have a listing for a Joseph Haddon died 1908. I assume that is the same person and the name is misspelled. It's interesting that you bring this up as this is in lot 450, grave 24, which we have recently realized is a kind of 'paupers' section. There is no headstone for Joseph, or most of the people in that lot. As a matter of fact, my co worker was going to try to make up some cement markers as a kind of community service project with her son to mark the graves of the people in that lot. We've been collecting information from various sources to find out who these people were. Seems many were immigrants who died fairly young. A number of them worked at Bradley Fertilizer in N. Weymouth, some came from the poor farm... I hope this information helps.

North Weymouth Cemetery said...

Becky, you can view Joseph's death record here:
He was only 4 months old when he died.

B. Howard said...

Thanks for the burial info, I went back to the death record and I can see how the 'w' at the end of Haddow could look like an 'n'. I'll do some more checking to confirm, but that's probably him. Thanks, Becky

P.S. Thanks for the link too, although I had already found it...that's how I found the name of your cemetery in the first place, since no one had known Joseph even existed until a couple years ago.