Tuesday, December 31, 2013

View us on Facebook, because this blog is dead.

2014 is hours away and the last blog post was sometime in 2012…. Yeah, this is pretty much a dead space. We do have a pretty active Facebook page if you are seeing this and want to check it out. Just google North Weymouth Cemetery and Facebook and I'm sure you'll find it. All the latests animal sightings, tree plantings and weather updates. Also anything I deem interesting related to cemeteries or history or Weymouth. You never know what you might find.

As a historical weather note, last winter (2012-13), did prove to be a whopper of a snowy winter, but rather a mild one temperature wise in our area. The ground never really got a chance to freeze before the near constant snow cover insulated it for the season.

This winter has started out very mild, with ice and rain and warmer than normal temperatures. Here we are at New Years eve, and just yesterday there was no frost in the ground, and today the temps have plummeted and we have firm ground under our feet. And in 2 days we will have a winter storm that may bring 6-12 inches of snow. So who knows.. but we are defiantly warmer for the season, though at least we are getting much needed moisture as the latter part of the summer of 2013 was very dry.

Happy New Year all…  till next time.